ShBack-Up Generator 

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New Technology

Today’s global challenges require tech-driven solutions, our venture Utilized Hydro Technology,
Magnetic technology and Motor As Generator Technology for our custom build generators .Alternate Energy Services by design, Is the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy


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As part of custom generator service and research we also provide Charging Services for already existing Solar System in form of Self - Charging Machine that charges bulk batteries. Either for use or can be converted  as A back-up generators  which run  between  4 Hours – 6 Hours – 12 Hours And 24 Hours Respectfully. Solving these global problems requires new form of leadership in the industry. Who are comfortable with technology, models and quantitative analyses?


Successful Leadership

We are a Successful leaders in the industry and the know-how to put these ideas into action by working collaboratively with others, winning customers hearts and minds by providing maintenance services.

Our Custom Build Generator comes in different Seizes and shape which will help create Business Opportunity and at the same time develop agro-farming community around the world.


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